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Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 26 Number 2, December 1997

  • A Sociological Implication of Environment in Social Development

    Dai-Yeun Jeong

  • State Formation and Civil Society Under American Occupation: The Case of South Korea

    Hyesook Lee

  • Why Do Some Women Participate in the Labor Force While Others Stay at Home?

    Mijeong Lee

  • The New Political Culture, Changing Policy Prefernces of Mayors, and Changes of Urban Policies in Japan

    Wonho Jang

  • The Political Economy of Orderly marketing Agreements(1997-81)

    Suk-Jun Lim

  • Technology and Development: Impact of Technology on the Korean Economy

    Youn-Suk Kim

  • Applying U.S. Research on Labor Union Membership Participation to South Korean Unions: an Assessment

    Daniel B. Cornfield