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Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 26 Number 1, July 1997

  • International Migration of Koreans and the Korean community in China

    Tai-Hwan Kwon

  • The Pattern of Changing Trends and the Regional Differences in the Sex Ratio at Birth: Evidence from Korea and Jilin Province, China

    Doo-Sub Kim

  • The Effects of Sex-Selective Abortion on Fertility Level in Korea

    Tai-Hun Kim

  • A Cohort Analysis of Korean Immigrants' Class Backgrounds and Socioeconomic Status in the United States

    In-Jin Yoon

  • Has the Role Structure Really Changed between Husband and Wife in Korea

    Hyun-Seob Chang

  • Status Inconsistency and Striving for Power in a Church: Is Church a Refuge or a Stepping-Stone?

    Sung Pyo Jun and Gordon M. Armstrong

  • Regional Correlates of Choice of Contraceptive Methods in Nigeria

    Clifford Obby Odimegwu, Modupe Ojo, and Adegoke Siyagande