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Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 25 Number 2, December 1996

Special Issue: Democratic Development in Russia and Korea
  • Opportunities and Constraints to Democratic Consolidation in South Korea

    Hyung Baeg Im

  • Prospects for Democracy in Russia

    Victor A. Kremenyuk

  • Sex Prefernce Versus Number Prefernce: The Case of Korea

    Sung Yong Lee

  • State and Wage Policy: Implications for Corporatism

    Ho Keun Song

  • An International Labour Migration to Developing Countries in Asia: A Case Study of Korea

    Joon Kium Kim

  • Conspicuous Consumption and Social Status in Korea: An Assessment of Reciprocal Effects

    Jeongkoo Yoon and Hyunho Seok