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Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 25 Number 1, July 1996

  • Aging and Social Policy in Korea

    Sung-Jae Choi

  • Demographic Transition and Population Aging in Korea

    Ik Ki Kim

  • Tradition and Modernity in the Culture of Aging in Korea

    Gyoung-Hae Han

  • Familial and Social Contexts of Aging in Korea

    Ka-Oak Rhee

  • Comparison of Motivations for Parent Care between Koreans and Americans: A Cross-cultural Approach

    Kyu-Taik Sung

  • Ageing in Industrial Scieties, East and West: A 'Western' Comparative Perspective

    Catherine Jones Finer

  • Self-employment in Business among U.S. Ethnic Groups

    In-Jin Yoon

  • The Structural Change of the Korean Environmental Movement

    Do-Wan Ku