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Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 24 Number 2, December 1995

  • Innovative Strategies for Comparative Aging Research

    George C. Myers

  • The Korean Images of Old Age: A Glimpse of Verbal Culture

    Kyong-Kong Kim

  • Aging in the United Kingdom: A Review of Demographic Trends, Recent Policy Developments and Care Provision

    Helen P. Bartlett and David R.. Phillips

  • Aging in Japan: Population Policy Implications

    Hiroshi Kojima

  • Aging in the United States at the End of the Century

    Bengtson, V.L., Mills, T.L., and Parrot, T.M.

  • Old-Age Support System and Policy Reform in China

    Shengzu Gu, Nog Zhu, Xinguang Chen and Jersey Liang

  • Demography and Aging: Long Term Effects of Divorce, Early Widowhood, and Migration on Resources and Integration in Old Age

    Ineke Maas

  • Understanding Aging in Korea

    Gene Yoon and Ki-soo Eun

  • A Conceptual Model of Career Occupational Mobility in an Industrializing Society: The Case of Korea

    Byung-Kwan Kim

  • Modelling On Rural Out-Migration System: A Probabilistic Approach

    Himanshu Pandey