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Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 23 Number 2, December 1994

  • The Demographic Transition in the Korean Peninsula, 1910-1990: South and North Korea Compared

    Doo-Sub Kim

  • Working-Class Politics in Reform Democracy in South Korea

    Ho-Keun Song

  • The Middleman Minority Characteristics of Korean Immigrants in the United States

    Pyong-Gap Min and Andrew Kolodny

  • Nationalism and Bourgeois Hegemony in Northeast China

    Hyun Ok Park

Two Papers on Social Mobility
  • The Unit of Analysis in Social Mobility Research: Bringing Time into the Analysis of Mobility Tables

    Byoung-Kwan Kim

  • Class Structure and Class MObility in East Asia: A Comparison Among South Korea, Japan and Taiwan

    Young-Min Yun

Research Note
  • Industrial and Occupational Employment in Korean Urban Regions

    Bun song Lee, Moon-Hyun Kim and Scott M. Fuess, Jr.

Annotated Bibliography on Population and Development, 1993-1994