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Published Issues

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 23 Number 1, July 1994

  • Urban Growth in Korea, 1970-1980: An Application of the Human Ecological Perspective

    Sung Ho Ko

  • The Informal Structure and Jop Satisfaction in a Hospital Organization: A Case Study

    Jung Sun Kim

  • Relative Deprivation in Cunsumption of Urban Poor Households in Korea: With Special Reference to Objective Deprivation

    Jung-Hai Yoon

  • The Environmental Problems in Urban Communities and the Protection of the Environment in Korea

    Ik Ki Kim

  • Industrialization and the Formation of the New Middle Class in Korea

    Jung-Whan Lee

  • Political Culture in the "Advocacy of an Expedition to Korea" in the 1870s: An Aspect of Japanese Imperialism

    Kun Lee

Research Note
  • The Rise of One-Person households and Their Recent Characteristics in Korea

    Young Jin Park