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Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 22 Number 2, December 1993

  • A Theoretical Approach to Industrial Conflict in a Rapidly Industrializing Coutry: the Korea Case

    Kyunhan Bae

  • Capitalist Landownership and State policy in 1989~1990 in Korea

    Do-Hyun Han

  • Ethnic Attachment Among Korean-American High School Students

    Pyong Gap Min and Youna Choi

  • Koreans in the United States: Economic Achievement and Assimilation

    Youn-Suk Kim and Frank Naughton

Two Papers on Earning Inequality
  • The Change of Educational Earnings Inequality

    Jang-Young Lee

  • Differences in the Process of Earnings Determination and Inequality Between Women and Men in South Korea

    Seyoung Kang

Research Note
  • Internal Structures of the Health Maintenance Organization and Quality of Care

    Joung-Hwa Kim