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Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 21 Number 2, December 1992

  • Gender Role Equity and Marital Satisfaction among Korean Couples

    Hyunju Kim

  • The Post-1965 Immigrants: Their Characteristic and Settlement Patterns

    Hyun Sook Kim and Pyong Gap Min

  • Divided Korean Families: Why Deos It Take So Long To Remedy the Unhealed Wounds?

    Daniel Boo Duck Lee

Three Papers on Korean Elderly
  • The Elderly Population in Korea: Their Health Status and Kin-based Social Support

    Mee Kyung Suh

  • Health Status and Social and Demographic Determinants of Living Arrangements among the Korean Elderly

    Hongsook Eu

  • Life Satisfaction of the Korean American Elderly from a Soco-psychological Analysis

    Young In Song

Research Note
  • Social Attitudes of Korea's New Middle Class: Focusing on the White Collar Workers of Big Companies

    Joon-Shik Park

Annotated Bibliography, 1991-1992