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Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 19 Number 2, December 1990

  • Rural-Urban Migration and the Social Mobility of individuals in the Republic of Korea: An Analysis of Life History Data

    Tai-Hwan Kwon and Kwang Hee Jun

  • Sex Role Effects on Female Response to Illness

    Jung Sun Kim

Korean Immigrants in the United States
  • Social Origins of Psychological Well-being among Older Korean Immigrants

    Mee Sook Lee and Kathleen S. Crittenden

  • Demographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics of Korean Americans in the United States in 1980

    Hyunjung Park

  • The Comparative Study of Inheritance among Korean American and Korean

    Cheung-Moon Cho

Annotated Bibliography, 1989-1990