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About the Journal

Journal of Asian Sociology

Journal of Asian Sociology

  • Frequency : 4 issues/year
  • ISSN : 2671-4574(Print) / 2671-8200(Online)
  • Publisher : The Institute for Social Development and Policy Research, Seoul National University, Korea
  • Editor in Chief : Kim, Hong Jung
  • Contact : jasoceditor@gmail.com / +82 2 880 4240
  • Indexed in SCOPUS
Journal of Asian Sociology (JAS) is one of the most established academic journals for social science in English-language published by the Institute of Social Development and Policy Research (ISDPR) at Seoul National University. Founded as Bulletin of the Population and Development Studies Center in 1972 and evolving into Korea Journal of Population and Development from 1990 to 1997, and then Development and Society from 1998 to 2018, JAS has more than 40 years of history. JAS is currently indexed in SCOPUS and is also included in JSTOR archive.
With its main focus on Asia, and especially the East Asian region, JAS provides path breaking works from social, cultural, political to economic field, and discusses various sociological issues such as inequality, social change, policy, labor, environment, social quality, demographic change and so on. The journal presents empirical analysis and theoretical discussions on important topics of modern society, including culture, economics, politics, demographics and the varied sociological issues that emerge in the Asian region.

Journal of Asian Sociology

Volume 49 Number 4, December 2020

Special Issue: Political Dynamic of Korean Feminism — From #MeToo to WOMAD
  • Introduction

    Jungmin Seo and Seoyoung Choi

  • The #MeToo Movement and Korean Journalism: Comments on Online News Coverage of the Trial of Former Governor Ahn Hee-jung

    Sooah Kim

  • A Critical Study of Identity Politics Based on the Category ‘Biological Woman’ in the Digital Era: How Young Korean Women Became Transgender Exclusive Radical Feminists

    Hyun-Jae Lee

  • The Politics of the Abolition of Women’s Student Councils and the Depoliticized Campus in Korea

    Mihyun Kim

  • The Spread of Feminism and the Silence of Gendered Militarism in the Neoliberal Era: Controversy Over Military Conscription Among Members of the Young Generation in South Korea

    Jihyun Choo

  • Practicing Agency by Performing Vulnerability: Sexual Minorities at the Queer Culture Festival in Korea

    Seoyoung Choi and Jungmin Seo

  • Parental Education and Self-Rated Health among Older Adults: Evidence from the U.S. and South Korea

    Seungah H. Lee, Kimberly J. Johnson, and Jiyoung Lyu