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Development & Society

Development and Society

Volume 47 Number 4, December 2018

Labor, Housing and Inequality
  • Urban Middle-Class and the Politics of Home Ownership in South Korea

    Myeongsoo Kim

  • Labor Market Dualism and the Wage Penalty for Temporary Employment: Evidence on the Interplay of Employment Protection Legislation and Labor Market Institutions from PIAAC data

    Kirak Ryu

New Civil Morality on Environment and City
  • Welfare Responsibility, Civic Morality, and the Environmental Attitudes in Korea

    Chanhum Yoon and Baeg-Eui Hong

  • Thinking Globally and Acting Locally?: Geographical Dimension of Environmental Concern as Predictors of Pro-environmental Behaviors

    Hee-Je Bak

  • International Comparison and Implementation of Slow City Success Determinants: The Case of Damyang Slow City, South Korea, and Seferihisar Slow City, Turkey

    Alan Brown and Bonghyun Jeong

Politics of Population and Knowledge
  • Explaining South Korea’s Diaspora Engagement Policies

    Timothy C. Lim and Dong-Hoon Seol

  • The State, Science, and Planification: The Coproduction of the French State and Science

    Kyunghwan Oh