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Development & Society

Development and Society

Volume 47 Number 2, June 2018

Practicing the Commons in Jeju
  • Introduction: The Growth of the Commons Paradigm and New Directions in the Study of Social Changes

    Young Sin Jeong

  • From Decommonisation to Re-commonisation: A Conceptual Approach to the Study of Social Change Based on the Theory of the Commons

    Young Sin Jeong

  • Sunureum as a Traditional Commoning in Jeju: Reinterpretation of Jeju's Livestock Culture

    Jakyung Kim

  • A Comparative Study on Two Ways of Community Building with Different Commons Ownership Modes: Focusing on the cases of Gasi-ri and Seonheul 1-ri

    Hyun Choe and Jaesub Lee

  • Gangjeong Village 'Jikimis' as Commoners: For a Commons Paradigm-based Social Movement Theory

    Yea-Yl Yoon

Other Articles
  • Conservation, Displacement and Social Injustice at the South African Section of Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier

    Ndidzulafhi Innocent Sinthumule

  • Urban-rural Migration and Migrants' Successful Settlement in Korea

    Sangjin Ma, Sok An and Daeshik Park

  • Synergistic Interactions Between Social Policy and SSEs in Developing Countries: Interfaces in Discourse and Practice

    Ilcheong Yi, Hyuk-Sang Sohn and Taekyoon Kim