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Development & Society

Development and Society

Volume 46 Number 2, September 2017

Special Issue: Cosmopolitan Sociology and War Memory in East Asia
  • Global Risks and Cosmopolitan Citizens in East Asia: A Look at the Fukushima Disaster and Nuclear Power Plant

    Sang-Jin Han

  • In Commemoration of the Legacy of Ulrich Beck: Theory of Migration and Methodological Cosmopolitanism

    Laurence Roulleau-Berger

  • Metamorphosis of the Korean ‘Comfort Women’: How Did Han Turn into the Cosmopolitan Morality?

    Young-Hee Shim

  • Permanent War: Oppositional Memory Work and North Korean Human Rights

    Changrok Soh and Daniel Connolly

  • Nationalism and Reflexive Cosmopolitanism in Korean A-bomb Victims’ War Memory and Transnational Solidarit

    Eunjeong Oh

Other Articles
  • On Global Accountability: A Theoretical Revisit to Accountability Mechanisms for Development Partnerships

    Taekyoon Kim

  • Science, Technology, and the Imaginaries of Development in South Korea

    Sang-Hyun Kim

  • The Sharing City Seoul: Global Imaginaries of the Sharing Economy and its Local Realities

    Olga Fedorenko

  • Division of Household Labor in Post-Socialist China: A Case of the Post-1980s Generation Couples in Guangzhou

    Jiaxin Li and Jaeyoun Won