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Development & Society

Development and Society

Volume 46 Number 1, June 2017

Glocal Issues of Labor, Resource and Inequality
  • Job Mobility of Non-Regular Workers in the Segmented Labor Markets: a Cross-national Comparison of South Korea and Japan

    Byoung-Hoon Lee and Kwang-Yeong Shin

  • Professional Construction of Diversity Management in Korea

    Kyungmin Baek

  • Economic Inequality and Determinants of Earnings in Taiwan in the 2008 Recession

    Chin-Fen Chang

  • Political Economy of the Resource Curse in Africa Revisited: The Curse as a Product and a Function of Globalised Hydrocarbon Assemblage

    Pius Siakwah

  • Revisiting the Concept of Common Pool Resources: Beyond Ostrom

    Hyun Choe and Sun-Jin Yun

Quality of Life and Health
  • Social Acceleration vs. Slowdown: Who Became Less Busy in Korea? And Why?

    Seung-Eun Cha and Jooyeoun Suh

  • Longitudinal Evidence of Social Influences on Cognitive Decline in South Korea: Focusing on the Joint Effects of Age, Gender, and Education

    Jinwoo Lee and Cheong-Seok Kim

  • Definition and Categorization of Disability in Taiwan: A Historical Review

    Tasing Chiu and Hsiao-Yu Sun