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Development & Society

Development and Society

Volume 45 Number 2, September 2016

End of Life Issues in China and Korea
  • Introduction: End of Life Issues in China and Korea

    Yi-Jong Suh

  • End-of-Life and Hospice Issues in Korean Aging Society

    Yi-Jong Suh

  • Care Issues at the End-of-Life in China

    Yun Zhou

  • Social Work Perspective: Comparing Korean Social Workers' Education and Knowledge of Advance Directives

    Sooyoun Han

  • Development of Hospice Care Service for the Elderly in China

    Du Peng and Wang Yongmei

Other Articles
  • Three Dualization Processes in Korea: The Labor Market, Welfare Policy, and Political Representation

    Hak-Jae Kim

  • Social Attitudes to Cross-Border Marriages in Korea and Taiwan

    Chinsung Chung and Keuntae Kim

  • Understanding Civic Engagement in the Smartphone Era: Corporate Sphere vs. Public Sphere

    Dal Yong Jin