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Development & Society

Development and Society

Volume 45 Number 1, June 2016

Labor and Social Secuirty in East Asia
  • Worker Militancy at the Margins: Struggles of Non-regular Workers in South Korea

    Byoung-Hoon Lee

  • Work-related Attitudes of Non-regular and Regular Workers in Korea: Exploring Distributive Justice as a Mediator

    Jee Young Seong, Eun Young Nam, Doo-Seung Hong

  • Housing Estates as Experimental Fields of Social Research

    Yasushi Sukenari

  • Direction for Reforming Reward Policy for Veterans in Korea

    Byung ook Choi

The Quality of Civil Society and Individual Well-being
  • Quality of Civil Society and Participatory Democracy in ISSP Countries

    Seokho Kim

  • Legal and Ethical Issues Regarding End-of-Life Care in Korea

    Kyungsuk Choi

  • Will the Pain of Losing a Husband Last Forever? The Effect of Transition to Widowhood on Mental Health

    Yujin Kim, Cheong-Seok Kim

  • Theoretical and Empirical Examinations of Happiness in Korea

    Muncho Kim