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Development & Society

Development and Society

Volume 44 Number 3, December 2015

Special Issue: Population Changes and Social Issues of Compressed Development in Korea
  • Determinants of Interregional Migration Flows in Korea by Age Groups, 1995-2014

    Keuntae Kim

  • Neighborhood Effects of Ethnic Composition on Fertility among Foreign Wives in South Korea

    Doo-Sub Kim and Yoo-Jean Song

  • A Study on the Population Structure and Aging of Reunified Korea

    Yousung Park and Saebom Jeon

  • The Irony of the Unchecked Growth of Higher Education in South Korea: Crystallization of Class Cleavages and Intensifying Status Competition

    Doo Hwan Kim and Yool Choi

  • Changing Industrial Relations and Labor Market Inequality in Post-Crisis Korea

    Hyunji Kwon

  • The International Comparison of Post-materialism: The Effects of Welfare Characteristics and Individual Security

    Seongkyung Cho and In-Jin Yoon

  • What made the Civic Dimension of National Identity More Important among Koreans? A Comparison between 2003 and 2010

    Seokho Kim, Jonghoe Yang and Minha Noh