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Development & Society

Development and Society

Volume 43 Number 2, December 2014

Special Issue: Climate Change and Social Risk
  • Introduction: Climate Change, Cosmopolitanism, and Media Politics

    Sang-Jin Han and Sun-Jin Yun

  • How Climate Change might Save the World

    Ulrich Beck

  • Another Cosmopolitanism: A Critical Reconstruction of the NeoConfucian Conception of Tianxiaweigong (天下爲公) in the Age of Global Risks

    Young-Do Park and Sang-Jin Han

  • Mass Media Coverage on Climate Change Issues and Public Opinion in Japan

    Midori Aoyagi

  • Framing Climate Change as an Economic Opportunity in South Korean Newspapers

    Sun-Jin Yun, Dowan Ku, Nyun-Bae Park and Joon Han

Family and Welfare State
  • Two Dimensions of Family Risk in East Asia: Variations and Contextualization

    Young-Hee Shim, Myoung-Soo Kim and Byung-Soo Kim

  • Welfare State's Policy Response to New Social Risk: Sequence Analysis for Welfare Policy

    Jongmin Yang

Constructing Spatial Imaginaries: Transnational Migration and Cultural
  • Landing of the Wave: Hallyu in Peru and Brazil

    Nusta Carranza Ko, Song No, Jeong-Nam Kim and Ronald Gobbi Simoes

  • Immigrant Network Structure and Perceived Social Capital:A Study of the Korean Ethnic Enclave in Uzbekistan

    Harris Hyun-Soo Kim

  • Twice-Migrant Chinese and Indians in the United States:Their Origins and Attachment to Their Original Homeland

    Pyong Gap Min and Sung S. Park