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Korea Journal of Population and Development

Korea Journal of Population and Development

Volume 22 Number 1, July 1993

  • The Formation and Reproduction of Self-employment in a Developing Economy: An Analysis of Job-Shift Rates in the South Korean Urban Labor Market

    Jaeyeol Lee

  • The Rise of Labor Movement and the Development of Internal Labor Market in the Korean Manufacturing Industry

    Ee-Hwan Jung

  • Strategic Options for the Korean Auto Industry in Response to the Emerging New Production System, 1980-1992?

    Hyung-Je Jo

  • Asian-Born Scientists and Engineers: Their Immigration Flow and Labor Market Adjustment

    Myoung-Jin Lee

  • Country Town-Jian-zhi Town Differentials and Migration to Towns in China

    Rong Ma

  • Anti-Nuclear Protest and the Public Acceptance Program: A Sociological Experiment on Anmyon Island, Kroea

    Kwang-Hee Jun