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Development & Society

Development & Society

  • Frequency : 3 issues/year
  • ISSN : 1598-8074(Print)
  • Publisher : The Institute for Social Development and Policy Research, Seoul National University, Korea
  • Editor : Park, Keong-Suk

About D&S

Development and Society (D&S) is an English journal, published by the Institute for Social Development and Policy Research (ISDPR). Formerly known as Bulletin (1972-1989), then Korea Journal of Population and Development (1990-1997), D&S has contributed to share research outputs of Korea to oversea scholars and researchers for more than 40 years.
With its history, the journal provides an international and interdisciplinary forum for new ideas and research from social, cultural, political to economic development along with population issues, particularly focused on East Asia. It welcomes contributions that analyze various social causes and consequences of development from diverse authors, countries and research fields. With diversity, it discusses alternative and sustainable forms of development, social quality and related issues, and also proposes new strategies for improving human conditions.

Development and Society

Volume 45 Number 2, September 2016

End of Life Issues in China and Korea
  • Introduction: End of Life Issues in China and Korea

    Yi-Jong Suh

  • End-of-Life and Hospice Issues in Korean Aging Society

    Yi-Jong Suh

  • Care Issues at the End-of-Life in China

    Yun Zhou

  • Social Work Perspective: Comparing Korean Social Workers' Education and Knowledge of Advance Directives

    Sooyoun Han

  • Development of Hospice Care Service for the Elderly in China

    Du Peng and Wang Yongmei

Other Articles
  • Three Dualization Processes in Korea: The Labor Market, Welfare Policy, and Political Representation

    Hak-Jae Kim

  • Social Attitudes to Cross-Border Marriages in Korea and Taiwan

    Chinsung Chung and Keuntae Kim

  • Understanding Civic Engagement in the Smartphone Era: Corporate Sphere vs. Public Sphere

    Dal Yong Jin