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Development & Society

Development & Society

  • Frequency : 3 issues/year
  • ISSN : 1598-8074(Print)
  • Publisher : The Institute for Social Development and Policy Research, Seoul National University, Korea
  • Editor : Park, Keong-Suk

About D&S

Development and Society (D&S) is an English journal, published by the Institute for Social Development and Policy Research (ISDPR). Formerly known as Bulletin (1972-1989), then Korea Journal of Population and Development (1990-1997), D&S has contributed to share research outputs of Korea to oversea scholars and researchers for more than 40 years.
With its history, the journal provides an international and interdisciplinary forum for new ideas and research from social, cultural, political to economic development along with population issues, particularly focused on East Asia. It welcomes contributions that analyze various social causes and consequences of development from diverse authors, countries and research fields. With diversity, it discusses alternative and sustainable forms of development, social quality and related issues, and also proposes new strategies for improving human conditions.

Development and Society

Volume 45 Number 3, December 2016

  • Introduction

    Dukjin Chang

  • Marketization and Market Capacity: The Formation of Middle Class in China-An Empirical Study in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou

    Zhang Haidong, Yao Yelin

  • Self-Assessed Health and Perceptions of Fairness in Metropolitan China: A Social Capital Perspective

    Meng Chen

  • De-industrialization and the Changes in Occupational Structure in Three East Asian Cities

    Haeran Koo, Yusuke Hayashi, Dingjun Weng, and Jingqian Bi

  • Divergence in Women’s Employment in Korea and Japan: What Shapes the Different Patterns around Childbirth?

    Junko Nishimura, Hyunji Kwon

  • A Comparative Analysis of Trust among Megacities: The Case of Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo

    Masamichi Sasaki

  • Changes in the Socio-Spatial Structure in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area-Social Area Analysis of Changes from 1990 to 2010

    Tatsuto Asakawa

  • An Alternative Index of Population Aging

    Bongoh Kye

  • Effects of Economic and Health Conditions on the Transition to Living Alone: A Longitudinal Study on Older Koreans

    Min-Ah Lee

  • Work and Family Policy Framing and Gender Equality in South Korea: Focusing on the Roh Moo-hyun and Lee Myung-bak Administrations

    Kyoung Hee Ma, Seung-Kyung Kim and Jae Kyung Lee