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Development & Society

Development and Society

Volume 44 Number 2, September 2015

Special Issue: Union-CSO Coalitions in East Asia
  • Introduction to the Special Issue: A Comparative Perspective of Union-CSO Coalitions in the East Asian Countries

    Akira Suzuki and Byoung-Hoon Lee

  • Changing Cross-movement Coalitions between Labor Unions and Civil Society Organizations in South Korea

    Byoung-Hoon Lee

  • The Changing Relationship between Labor Unions and Civil Society Organizations in Postwar Japan

    Akira Suzuki

  • The Dialectic of Institutional and Extra-institutional Tactics: Explaining the Trajectory of Taiwan's Labor Movement

    Ming-sho Ho

  • Building Regional Networks between Labor Unions and Communities in Korea

    Minjin Lee

  • Regulating the Market Risks: The Coalitions between Occupational Unions and CSOs in Taiwan

    Yao-Tai Li

Other articles
  • Who is Willing to Pay More Taxes for Welfare? Focusing on the Effects of Diverse Types of Trust in South Korea and Taiwan

    Eun Young Ham and Myungsook Woo

  • Age Structure and Population Momentum in South Korea

    Choyi Whang and Seulki Choi